Robotti & Company

Robotti & Company, a diversified financial services boutique, has been in the securities business since 1983.  We pride ourselves on our disciplined bottom-up research orientation.  Our registered investment advisor, Robotti & Company Advisors, LLC, offers personalized investment management targeted to the client's long-term equity investment needs.  Our broker-dealer,  Robotti & Company, LLC, specializes in applying our research methodology in identifying undervalued securities as well as providing clients with first rate trading desk execution capabilities.  Bob Robotti is our principal and is affiliated with the general partner and managing member of several investment partnerships.  

Robotti & Company offers a disciplined investment philosophy derived from practical experience.  We want clients to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their money is intelligently invested.  Contact us for more information about our company, our people, and our ability to invest for the future.


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